There are excellent resources available that provide details on local weeds, how to recognise them, and how to treat them. These include:

Here are the most recent “weeds of the month”:

Kahili Ginger

Perennial bushy herb to 2m tall rising from thick branching rhizomes. Can also grow as an epiphyte in trees.

Corky Passionflower

Slender vine, with older stems becoming corky. Flowers pale greenish. Berry, globose purple-black.

Moth Vine

A vine with twining stems to 12 m long. Large white flowers. Fruit looks like choko.

Giant Devil’s Fig

Tall hairy shrub with prickles and flowers. Rapidly invades disturbed sites, outcompetes native vegetation

Red Cestrum

The highly invasive toxic plant Red Cestrum (Cestrum elegans) has reports of cattle dying after ingesting it.

Tobacco Plant

The wild Tobacco plant is an opportunistic plant that outcompetes natural vegetation.