Giant Devil’s Fig

giant devils fig

Solanum chrysotrichum (Solanum hispidum sensu Stanley & Ross (1986))
Family SOLANACEAE Life Form Perennial shrub

Tall shrub 3-4 m high, densely hairy with stellate hairs (starshaped), young stems and petioles rusty-hairy;
Prickles usually sparse, slightly recurved.
Leaves broadly ovate, deeply lobed, upper leaf darker than underside, more densely hairy below.
Flowering parts branched, up to 50-flowered.
Flowers white, deeply incised.
Berry 10-15 mm diam., yellow or orange-yellow.
Flowering time:
Autumn to spring
Fruiting time:
No information
Rapidly invades disturbed sites, outcompetes native vegetation
Creek banks and disturbed sites
Seed, bird dispersed
Weed status:
Not listed
Locality notes:
Booyong, Turkey Creek, Wilsons Ck
Similar Native Species: