Goonengerry Landcare is a volunteer organisation in the hinterland of northeastern New South Wales, dedicated to supporting the community in the best practice protection, management and enhancement of our unique ecosystems.

About Us

Goonengerry is one of Byron Shire’s most diverse ecological areas and was once part of the Big Scrub.

It is the rainforest, past and renewing, that connects the Goonengerry community. We are part of the Nightcap Range Key Biodiversity Area which includes Nightcap, Goonengerry and Mount Jerusalem National Parks, and Whian Whian State Conservation Area. Importantly these areas include warm temperate and subtropical rainforest that provide important habitat for several bird species with very restricted ranges, including Albert’s Lyrebird, Green Catbird, Regent Bowerbird, Paradise Riflebird and the Pale-yellow Robin. Fire, habitat clearing and invasive species are the main threats to these birds. Much of our work centers on increasing the habitat for these and other fauna and the associated flora.

We offer ecological advice to both new and longer term residents including when possible assisting them to access a variety of grants to assist in habitat regeneration efforts.

We act as a conduit to Local and State Government on all things impacting Goonengerry and our surrounding locations

We partner and assist the other environment group in Goonengerry, The Byrangery Grass Reserve Land Managers

Latest News

Weeds of the month

  • Kahili Ginger
    Perennial bushy herb to 2m tall rising from thick branching rhizomes. Can also grow as an epiphyte in trees.
  • Corky Passionflower
    Slender vine, with older stems becoming corky. Flowers pale greenish. Berry, globose purple-black.
  • Small-leaved privet
    Shrub or small tree. Flowers white, fragrant. Berry black.

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