Wildlife Organisations

Just a reminder that we are blessed with two fantastic volunteer organisations which work locally to rescue and look after any sick or injured native wildlife.
So if you have found a sick, injured or orphaned native animal call either;

  • Wires; in our area; 
  • Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers;
    tel: 6628 1866; 
    (very locally Solé Herrera Contact: 0402 230 548 specialises in rescuing  koalas (with friends of the koala),Non venomous to mildly venomous snakes, Flying foxes and microbats) 

Brunswick Valley Landcare

Our sister Landcare organisation at has some outstanding resources on their website:

Monthly Newsletters –

My Local Native Garden – a 44 page booklet with design guidelines and local plants for different ecosystems, downloadable from

Byron Council Recommendations

The Byron Council Biodiversity Conservation Strategy can be seen at