Corky Passionflower

corky passionflower

Passiflora suberosa
Family PASSIFLORACEAE Life Form Vine
Origin South America

Slender vine, with older stems becoming corky. Leaves usually deeply and acutely lobed, sometimes unlobed, two glands near middle of leaf stalk. Flowers pale greenish. Berry, globose purple-black.

Flowering time:
Summer – Autumn
Fruiting time:
Autumn – Winter
Smothers native vegetation.
Disturbed rainforest in warmer areas
Seed, bird dispersed
Weed status:
Key threatening process. Environmental weed.
Locality notes:
Similar Native Species:
Passiflora herbertiana, Native Passionfruit has leaves not as deeply lobed and greenish fruit

Control Methods


Small Infestations:
Cut, scrape & paint stem with glyphosate & water at 1:1.5 or carefully handpull or prise up roots of seedlings & small vines

Larger Infestations:
Use a combination of handweeding, pulling down vines so foliage is on ground and then spraying with glyphosate & water at 1:50 (20ml/L) + metsulfuron methyl
& water at 1.5g/10L + non ionic surfactant + sticker. Avoid using glyphosate spray mix in areas with native grasses. the foliage on this vine has a very waxy coating therefore a penetrant & sticker is essential. Cover foliage well.

Best season
No information


Covered by off label permit
9907 for use in areas of native vegetation to control noxious and environmental weeds. Further detail available at http://permits.