Red-necked pademelon


The red-necked pademelon (Thylogale thetis) is a small forest-dwelling marsupial living on the east coast of Australia between SE Qld and central eastern NSW.

A small brownish-grey wallaby, it has a paler belly, distinct reddish neck and shoulders, and a short tail. The tail length is shorter than the boady length, and males are larger than females.


Rainforest and wet sclerophyll forest.
A shy and mostly nocturnal species that rarely moves far from dense cover.
More common where forest is adjacent to grassland.
They spend the day resting in the forest before emerging in the evening into more open areas to feed on grasses, forbs and shrubs.


They breed throughout the year.
Sexual maturity is reached at approximately 18 months.
Females usually give birth to a single baby, with gestation around 30 days.
The baby stays in its mother’s pouch for protection and feeding.


They graze on grass, roots leaves, and bark.


Dingo, red fox, wild dogs.
Habitat destructions is currently the largest threat.

Local Sightings

Frequently in early mornings in the valley below Goonengerry Mill rd at edge of forest.
Rarely on Goonengerry rd at edge of forest.


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