Roaming domestic dogs

At a recent meeting of the Goonengerry Landcare Group it was agreed that the number of roaming domestic dogs is becoming an issue. These dogs can have significant environmental and social impacts including:

  • Possible impacts on native species (koalas, wallabies, small marsupials)
  • Non target impacts from baiting and trapping
  • Spread of disease or parasites to native animals
  • Dangers posed to domestic pets, including domestic dogs, horses and free ranging chickens
  • People can be fearful of enjoying the natural environment due to concerns of encountering free ranging dogs.

We request that everyone contains their dogs on their property unless under control or on a leash. We do not want to upset neighbourly relations, but repeat offenders will be reported to the Ranger at Byron Shire Council. It should be noted that there are penalties if a dog is taken to the pound, which increase with the number of days a dog is impounded, is not microchipped or registered. On the third visit to the pound the dog is considered a nuisance dog.

Please control your dog responsibly!

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